as a bride and woman, i am entitled to change my mind!

I had a meeting with my wedding planner today to pick up my new contract with my venue address on it. Not only did we chat about some ideas, but I changed almost EVERYTHING! I had picked out my “wedding colors” not exact colors but general colors. I have now completely changed it! I have changed the color of my bridesmaids dresses, the length of the bridesmaids dresses, and the groom and groomsmen outfits (though Ryan LOVES the men’s changes). I really liked my ideas and they were and are good ones, but my wedding planner has shown we other ideas that are within the same theme Ryan and I want.

I have the best wedding planner. She is funny, down to earth, and doe snot sugar coast anything; which I love! She knew almost immediately what I wanted my day to look like just by some pictures. I could never imagine trying to plan this wedding without a planner.

I am getting more and more excited for this wedding as the ideas keep getting better and better and the more I can visualize this day. 🙂


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