beauty is EXPENSIVE!

Today I spent the afternoon with one of my wonderful bridesmaids, April. We went and had a facial analysis done. We were able to see our skin under a high power black light… and let me just tell you, your face is dirtier and uglier than you could EVER imagine! We were able to try a bunch of Artistry skincare products. They were all amazing and I hope to buy them all before my wedding, but today I just could not even imagine affording it all! April and I did both order at least one thing and we received the wholesale prices and still will be able to get all of these products at wholesale prices! 

My skin feels amazing… and it was fun spending that time with April that I don’t get to normally. My wonderful fiancé even went and picked us up dinner while we were getting beautiful! Of course with our fresh and silky smooth skin we made him touch our faces haha! 

It hit me today, I am actually getting married. I am doing the things that brides do; and I am so excited and thrilled. Maybe I’m just ready to do more bride stuff.. either way, it was fun!


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