monograms, wine, and bridesmaid gifts.

well as I sit here drinking a HUGE glass of wine I am so glad to be done with my final exams and to be out of school for two weeks. It will be nice to come home and no longer have to do homework! I can now focus on looking at some wedding things and get as much done in these two weeks as I can, school starts back on the 20th and runs until July 16. Wedding planning while working full time and going to school full time is difficult and I never feel like I have the time to do it all… but it will all come together and I know it will work out perfectly.

So…I just purchased my very first monogrammed item with my soon-to-be initials. I know it may be a little hasty, but it’s only a phone case. I wanted a new one and I just didn’t see the point in buying one with my current initials because after next April I won’t use it! image


On another note, I am looking for bridesmaid gifts. I have found some things that I like. I will more than likely wait a while, maybe I can find some good deals after thanksgiving! I would ideally like to give them all a bag/basket full of little things and personalized things. I know all of these girls well and would like to get them each things special to them and to fit each of their personalities. I guess more like a welcome bag, but kind not really haha! I’m thinking my favorite bottle of wine, some body scrub, a koozie, maybe some bath and body works, all in a cute bag 🙂 I have plenty of time to decide, but buying stuff along the way seems so much cheaper than all at once!

This weekend my wedding planner, Maid of Honor Brittany, and I are going to look for bridesmaid dresses. I really want Brittany to be my model and her opinion is crucial to me about my ideas. I would like to at least know what my vision is by the time all of my girls and I go looking for their dresses. I know they will do whatever I want them to.. but I want them to have a choice.  This is the style I am going for.image

so my girls will have a choice of color and style which I, personally, would love to have as a bridesmaid. I want them to all have a dress that flatters them individually and not forced into a dress they feel uncomfortable in.

Ryan and I are spending the weekend in Raleigh for this reason and to celebrate his 25th birthday which is on Wednesday. I plan on taking him out for a nice dinner, we’ll get to spend some time away from home and in a different place. I love the beach, but we will be going the weekend of the 16-18th so I don’t wanna do that for his birthday weekend too.

I am looking forward to this summer full of wedding stuff!



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