wedding planning always keeps me up too late!

Sadly I haven’t been able to anything wedding related this last week and I have had to move the day of bridesmaid dress shopping due to my MOH having to work this weekend. So Ryan and I have two big things to do next week. We’re bridesmaid dress shopping on Tuesday and Cake tasting on Wednesday… I am excited to do something!

I know I have somewhat explained the look I am going for in my wedding, but I know many people like visuals. I really want a country rustic chic look. My venue is very country, it has horses everywhere, I will be riding in a horse drawn carriage to the aisle, and plus… I’m getting married in front of a barn. I want it all to be cohesive. So here are some ideas that I like.










My entire wedding is going to be outside, basically in the middle of nowhere. My venue is no where near the city and at least a quarter of a mile down a dirt road off the main highway. I am in love with it, and in love with all of these ideas. My wedding dress also fits very very well with this theme, but I will not be posting a picture of my dress until after I get married!

I don’t want the typical wedding. I don’t want a seating chart, or my guests sitting on my side, his guests sitting on his side, plated meals, etc… I want something really casual and light. That does not mean jeans and t-shirts, but not black tie either. Most southerners believe in dressing nice to church, so we’ll go with Sunday causal.

Hands down I have the BEST fiance’. He doesn’t care what I do with this wedding. He does help me with some things, other things he is less interested in; but overall he just tells me to let him know what he is wearing and what time to be there. Which I like in a way, but his opinion means a lot to me.

I am loving planning this wedding… but I am honestly ready to be a married woman. Who doesn’t want to spend forever with the man of their dreams?


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