the out of towners.

Ryan and I have been out of town in Myrtle Beach, SC; that’s why I haven’t posted in quite some time. It was nice to get away and not have to think and/or do anything dealing with a wedding.

On last Tuesday the 14th, my wedding planner Melissa, my MOH Brittany, and I went looking for Bridesmaids dresses. We went to Carolina Bridal World in Smithfield, NC since it’s closer to where my MOH lives. We found some gorgeous dresses… now onto picking one. Here are a few that I like. image









all of these dresses looked AMAZING on Brittany. I am going to have such a hard time narrowing down the choices. I want to be able to give my girls choices, but I also want them to be things that I like too. So we will see how well that goes.

On the following day Ryan an did a cake tasting for our wedding cake flavors. We chose to try red velvet, vanilla, key lime, and pink lemonade. We will more than likely go with red velvet for our cake and Ryan really wants the pink lemonade for his grooms cake… which is interesting being as though it is pink.

It was a good flavor though, certainly interesting, but good. These wedding plans are moving right along, and I hope to get a lot done this summer while I only have 3 classes that I am taking this summer so when the fall comes I won’t be so busy being as though I will have 6 classes. I am very much looking forward to being in single digits for a wedding countdown… but until then I have 341 days until I become Mrs. Ryan Green!


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