Indecision may or may not be my problem…

I have once again come to point of complete and udder indecisiveness. I have found my DREAM venue… but the problem is I have already paid for another venue. Granted I feel sure I can get my money back from venue 1, now I have to decide if I really want venue 2 versus the one I have paid for. Let’s do a comparison.

Venue 1:




Venue 2:




(minus the Walt and Brooke and decorations, they are not permanent)

in retrospect I feel that venue 2 may be the “safer” option being as though it is indoors so I will not need a plan B if it rains and it in downtown Conway, SC and will be easier to find. Venue 1 has so much potential and would make some GORGEOUS pictures. If the weather doesn’t permit a tent will need to be rented at the last minute and I will have to pray there is wiggle room in the budget for such a last minute detail. The price of Venue 1 is cheaper than Venue 2; Venue 1  was $500 and Venue 2 is $1,000. Either venue will require me to rent tables and chairs so equally that has to be figured in. Venue 2 comes equipped with a dance floor, which Venue 1 does not have. Venue 2 also does not have air conditioning… which neither does good ol’ mother nature of Venue 1. Plus… Ryan and I both like Venue 2 better. Venue 2 is so much like Poplar Grove Plantation that I originally fell in love with but could not even imagine booking due to the $3,200 price tag that came with it.

I am going to look at Venue 2 on Sunday with Ryan and our wedding planner Melissa, hopefully after looking at it we can sit down and talk and see if everything I would like will fit into the budget with this $500 cost increase on the venue. That will really be the deciding factor; I want to have the wedding I want and within my budget. The question is do I settle for a venue that I like and is cheaper… or do I go with a venue that I am right now LOVING but is a little more expensive?

Also I am thinking of nailing down a real palette of colors. Here’s what I have found that I really love.






I’m more than likely going to go with the first one because it has that vintage feel that I like while still being happy and like spring time. I would ideally like to put all of my girls in different dresses and colors… but I may just do different dresses and all the same color except my MOH. Ryan and his groomsmen are still going to wear khaki colored dress pants, a white button down with rolled up sleeves, colored bowties, suspenders, and burlap Toms. That is what Ryan has wanted all along, and the look has really grown on me.

We have so much time, and so much left to do. I am still beyond  excited for this day to come and even more excited to put my dress back on. I cannot wait for it to finally come in so I can show my MOH, who was unable to be with me when I went dress shopping, and to decide on hair, makeup, and jewelry. These are really the most exciting times of my life and I am so happy to be sharing my life with an amazing man and some of the best friends a girl could ever ask for.



And the countdown continues… ❤


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