you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find a handsome prince.

I would dare not say that yesterday went down as one of those “wonderful” days in the wedding planning process….

Ryan and I woke up early so we could drive down to Conway, SC to meet with the lawyer that handles the rentals of our Venue 2. I spoke with her on Tuesday and told her that I would we driving down, that I wanted to make an appointment, and that it would take me approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to her office from my house. I told her that I would be at her office waiting at 0845 and that I would have cash in hand to pay the deposit. If only things had really gone that smoothly…

We wake up at 0630 and are out of the house by 0715. When we were 45 minutes from Conway I sent the lawyer a text letting her know we would be there within the hour; she responded about 20 minutes later telling me that the venue I wanted on the date I wanted had been booked on Tuesday, the day I called to schedule our meeting. Initially, I was upset… but I reassured myself that our original wedding date was in May so if she had something available then I would be content with that. But… if there was nothing in April or May I was prepared to blow.

We arrive at the office at 0830 and waited on her until almost 0900. We ended up paying for a date in May, which happens to the exact date we had initially chosen for our wedding day. So with that being said… We 100% have a date that will not change at a venue I will not decide against. I am elated with my decision to change venues, I know I would have been devastated had i never found this place until it was too late.

With all of the changes I am now getting married in Conway, SC in 344 days! I still can’t wait!


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