Two souls, one heart.

So Sunday Ryan and I had a wedding filled day. We drove to Conway, SC to visit Venue 2 in my last post. It was everything I hoped it would be! They also happen to have our exact date open, we are driving down on Wednesday to pay the deposit to hold that weekend. Ryan and I both are in love with this place… it couldn’t be any more perfect! image





My photography isn’t great… but it is a beautiful place and I cannot wait to get married there! I hope and pray that our weekend is still open when I call to schedule an appointment to make the down payment! fingers crossed!!!!!

In other news Ryan and I took our engagement pictures on Sunday too… here’s a sneak peak!image


we have the BEST photographer ever! Amber with Chasing Moments Photography is so fun and energetic, she’s a joy to be around and completely makes you feel right at home. She also followed my Pinterest to get ideas of what I liked 😉 She’s the bomb!!!!

I am still wanting long bridesmaid dresses and leaning more towards having one dress in different colors. I would LOVE to do different dresses and different colors… but honestly, that is a lot of work! I am still deciding and still looking for options. I just want all of my girls to be happy, comfortable, and to look amazing. I want their dresses to flatter them and reflect a little of their personalities. If I were to do one dress in different colors it would be this one…image

it can be worn with or without straps and the waistline is universally flattering. So we will see… I will pick out some options, see what my girls like and go from there. I also was thinking of doing this dress…image

if I chose this dress they could all have the same dress, in different or the dame color and they could convert it to fit them the best. I personally am a HUGE fan of these dresses. I love them! I have some time to think about dresses… and will continue to search!

I have been getting a TON of free invitation samples in the mail (that I ordered of course!), and I am loving them. Here are some styles that I really love.




I am leaning more towards the last two… and I will more than likely order the third one. Ryan and I both really like it!





We now have 325 days until our big day and I could not be happier. We are well on the way to having this thing all together. Now to get this dream venue 100% booked and paid for, choose bridesmaid dress(es), and a dress day with my girls…. it’ll be smooth sailing until the wedding day (i hope)!


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