Quick decisions are unsafe decisions.

I may be completely indecisive but I have made a decision on bridesmaid dresses. I am going with my girls the next two weekends for them to try the dress on, and if it doesn’t go well… I will have to start from square one. But let’s think positively!! Here is the dress I have decided on…image


It is the dessy twist wrap dress; from all the pictures I have found online it looks really good on all body types. My original idea was to have all of my girls in different dresses and different colors. In trying to achieve that I found that it was VERY hard to do.  With this dress my girls can technically wear a different dress but can maintain conformity and make everything look cohesive. I may still put them all in different colors, I guess we’ll have to see. My MOH will probably say they all need to be in the same color, and I may just do that, I’m thinking the first long dress color. It’s the closest thing to a mint and I may put my MOH in pink? i don’t know!!! So many decisions; I will really wait to see what they all ook like in them. This dress is also made in matte jersey so the material isn’t too fancy looking, it stretches, affordable ($140), and is completely re-wearable (which was my very first thought on bridesmaids dresses). I am so excited to see my girls in these dresses!!


On to another decision … Ryan and I originally going to use a monogram like this one for our guestbook.image


Very southern and classic… but also VERY expensive. I still really LOVE this idea and may eventually still go with it, but I also found another idea that I think is feasible, not quite as expensive, and will be just as fun and decorative in our home forever. image


I was thinking of just having our names and wedding date in the middle. I found a 13×17 platter at Crate and Barrel on sale that we could use. I do really like the idea. I would probably use a colored platter and silver sharpies… I don’t know.

As I am typing this I am still leaning more and more towards the monogram. Really, how cute is it?!? Look at thisimage


I will more than likely buy one that is not finished so I can paint it and distress it myself. I would like one that is at least 22″ so it can hang above our fireplace. Also when we move, if we don’t have a fireplace it will still make great wall decor for our bedroom for the rest of our lives. I think I may have just made up my own mind! haha


Invitations… oh lord these are a whole different ballgame. I made invitations that I liked. They were simple, I was going to have them printed on kraft paper to go with the vintage theme. My mom didn’t care too much for them, but it may still happen anyway! I also invitations on etsy that are printable and look as though they are printed on kraft paper; plus they are lacy and antique looking. I just looked on my etsy because I was going to post a picture of them… they’re no longer on there. I don’t know if that is because I accidentally unfavorited them or if they have been removed by the designer. Ryan is really tired of looking at invitations, and I don’t blame him. I have to decide something soon though, I need to get these invitations sent out by December. I would really like simple invitations because I want to make doily wraps or a doily envelope to put my invitations in. I think it will make my invitations special and different without being too fancy (which is not how my wedding will be) and without being too expensive.

I have a family friend who is going to help me achieve some of my more crafty ideas and my Aunt Pat is also going to help me. Both of these ladies are very creative and excel in the craft department. I am glad that they both are so willing to lend me their time, effort, and creative minds. I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head. I want to make this wedding everything I could ever dream of. It is the only one I plan on having and I just want it to be something that I will be proud of for the rest of my life.

I have no clue what I want Ryan and all the men to wear. Ryan and I talked about khaki colored slacks, a white button up with the sleeves rolled up, suspenders, bow ties, and  burlap toms. I still really love the idea, I just can’t make a 100% decision until I see Ryan try things on. We are supposed to be going to Indiana to visit his sister and brother-in-law in September and while we’re there we’re going to go try things on. Since Wes is the farthest from us we’re hoping to find a style that we all like so we can make that decision and Wes will know what to rent/buy. I would like Ryan to try on a seersucker suit… nothing says southern summer like seersucker! We’ll see what happens.


I could sit here and pour out all of my ideas and thoughts on so many different aspects of this wedding, but it’s late and work is going to come early. As of midnight I am done with summer school and could not be more excited. 302 days until the big day!


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