things do not always go according to plans

As my honey lies in bed sleeping I cannot fall asleep. I’m not sure if it’s in anticipation or habit. Either way let me catch you up on the last few days.

One of my bridesmaids and I were supposed to go try on bridesmaids dressed this past weekend but sadly she was struck with a kidney stone the night before and couldn’t make it. Thankfully she is off this Saturday to go with the rest of my bridesmaids, so all in all I think it worked out for the best. The one on one time would have been nice, but I am going to love having this great group of ladies all together! I think it is going to turn out to be a very fun day and I know that they are all going to get a long perfectly; they may not become new BFF’s but I know they don’t hate each other! I really hope that the dress I love for them will flatter them all equally. I want my girls to look their best too. I have no ugly bridesmaids and I am not putting them in ugly dresses! I love these women too much to do something like that to them.

Tonight Ryan and I took our second half of our engagement pictures. The last session we changed clothes once, both very casual dress. So tonight I decided that Ryan and I would be dressy since some or one of these pictures is going to be on our Save the Dates. I wore a nice dress and heels and Ryan wore a polo, khaki slacks and dress shoes. We took our pictures at a sunflower field and in the road (dangerous, I know; only country roads though). I know these are going to turn out just as good as the first session because our photographer is nothing short of AMAZING! Her work is always phenomenal and I am so so glad that she is photographing our wedding next year. We signed our contract with her so that is one less thing to worry about now. As soon as I get the pictures I will be sure to post some of them, but all of them will be posted on my wedding website.

Now it seems the only large things left to take care of is what Ryan and our wedding party are going to wear, flowers, DJ, food, and rehearsal dinner. We are sending out Save the Dates next month and Invitations in December. I now need to decide if I want to try to make invitations or buy them. They are just so super expensive but I guess I am only doing this once and the extra expense will be worth it right? I know that I am doing magnets for the Save the Dates, I figure people will keep better track of them that way!!  I know that in the next two months I will be crossing off at least 3 of these big things left to do, hopefully 4. Ryan and I will be choosing what him and his groomsmen are wearing when we go visit his sister and brother-in-law in September. We have already chosen a place we would like to have our rehearsal dinner but we need to go down there and talk prices with the owner and take my mother-in-law so she can ask questions, haggle prices, and voice her own opinions. At some point my parents and I need to go looking for them something to wear too; I know my father will wear what Ryan and his groomsmen wear but my mother still needs to find something. I need to make several meetings with my wedding planner and one with her and the family friend Mrs. Patty so Mrs Patty and I can start doing some DIY projects I’d like to do.

I have to say that no matter how much Ryan may push my buttons or aggravate me to no end, I am very lucky to be the one he has chosen to spend his life with. He is the man that I forever wish to fall asleep with and wake up to. In him I see my future, all the trials, tribulations, laughter, and love that awaits us, I am so glad that he is the man my children will have the honor of calling “daddy” and I am very honored to be the mother of our future children. He is such an amazing man and never fails to put a smile on my face, even as much as I want to be mad at him sometimes. He is my rock, my comfort zone, my confidant, my protector, my love, and above all my best friend (besides my girls). I am blessed beyond measure to have found the one person on this planet who is a 100% perfect match for me. I cannot wait for the day I become his wife; I only hope that I can continue to grow with him and become the wife and mother he wants and our children will need me to be. I’m ready to walk down that aisle…  only 297 more days!


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