there is no greater risk than matrimony. but there is nothing happier than a happy marriage.

life has been rather hectic lately with school starting, work, and Ryan and I trying to find time for each other in the middle of all that. We haven’t had a lot of time to work on wedding stuff, but we have been trying. We did get our label paper in the mail on Friday and our stamps came in on Wednesday, so we spend our Saturday finishing our Save the Dates and getting them ready to be mailed.  I ended up giving my co-workers theirs on their desks and we hand delivered 3 more. I will post a picture after I feel sure everyone has gotten them. The only Save the Date that I didn’t send out goes to one of my friends overseas.

We have decided that we 100% want the farm tables and are gonna do whatever we have to in order to cover the costs. We have also found a DJ for a very good price, let’s just pray that he is decent. That’s really all that matters!

We have also found the perfect bow ties for Ryan and his groomsmen. The first bow tie I found that I really liked only went up to a neck size of 18′”. So Ryan and I measured his and it was exactly 18″. I was worried about it being to small so I went on the hunt for some other options. I looked on Etsy (which by the way, they have EVERYTHING on there!) and found the PERFECT bow ties and they go up to a neck size of like 24″… which is way more than Ryan or any of his groomsmen need but at least they will not be too tight, and that makes me feel better.

I’m gonna call it a night, it’s 0044 EST and I have to get up at 0630 to be at work so Ryan can pick up some spare clothes from me. He is working tonight and has ACLS re-certification all day tomorrow. I predict that he is going to one ill thing tomorrow when I get home!!! Y’all have a good night and I will post again soon!!!


taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.

I mentioned in a previous post that Ryan and I were taking a second session to our engagement pictures and that I would post some of them when we got them back. We have them back and I love them but I hate how fat I look. Just more motivation to continue going the gym I guess… oh well. Here are the ones Ryan and I both really love!image




of course they are all posted on our wedding website which you can access by clicking the picture below! I hope you enjoy the website!!image

love is not a whim. love is not a flower that fades with a few fleeting years

…yesterday was just one of those days, but I will get to that later; let me catch you up on what has been going on.

On Wednesday Ryan and I decided to do some wedding activities since that was the only day he was off this entire week. We decided to go down to Loris, South Carolina to Carolina Tents and Events to look at tables and chairs for our wedding. I had called several months ago inquiring about what kind of tables they had and was informed they had farm tables. I finally was able to see these farm tables and they were just like everything I had be imagining in my mind. Here’s a picture of the one they had on display in the showroom with the padded chairs. image


I love that the table itself is beautiful and I now do not need to cover them with linens, I think they will look great with just table runners and decorations (which saves money… kinda). The tables may be beautiful… but they are also $40 a piece to rent… and we need 19! The chairs are $4 a piece, which isn’t bad at all. I doubt everyone that we are inviting will come, but I would rather put down a down payment for more tables than I need then readjust the amounts when RSVP’s are in. These tables are well worth the money… in my opinion anyway and as my future husband says, “as long as you’re happy baby” (what a good man right?!?!). We are going to look around and see if we can find a better deal… but so far it has been a bust!

After leaving Loris we drove a little farther south to Conway, South Carolina to look for local caterers. We stopped at this little dive called Dilly Beans and I left my information for the owner to get back to me about catering. I have to say, I would love to go back there and eat. There is only enough seating for like 14 people in the entire place but it has so much character! After leaving there we went to a place called Coppers Restaurant to meet with their owner about catering too. We really wanted to stop at this place because we ate there when we initially went to look at our wedding venue and we both loved the food.  We sat down with the owner and talked about our wedding and what kind of food we wanted. Our wedding planner is going down there in two weeks to meet with her to go over the budget and whatever it is they’ll talk about!

We are hopefully going to go talk to our florist in the next few weeks so we can gauge what we can get for our budgets. My parents are paying for the ceremony and reception flowers and Ryan and I are paying for the bouquets, corsages, and boutineers. I would like to know what it is we need to start saving for and what deposits we need to put down and when… plus the flowers I want may be way out of my budget and I need time to find replacements!

Now… on to the excitement from today. Well Thursday was payday for me so I placed the order for our stamps so we can get our Save the Dates in the mail soon. I also have been making labels with our guests names and addresses in Adobe InDesign using an Avery label template. So here is where the problems begin… I can only use a certain kind of label paper. It has to be the one that will correspond to the template that I used. So on Thursday I searched the web to find these EXACT labels that I need; not only did I find them but I thought I ordered them. I received my labels in the mail today and they were not right! I ordered them from Office Depot online, so I assumed I could take them back to the store… wrong. I was told that I would have to call to get a return label then send it back, sounds easy right? Well I called… and they will not send me a return address, instead they told me to keep the labels and they would PARTIALLY refund my money. Out of the $27.33 I paid I only get “refunded” $16 and some change. Then I had to turn around and order the right labels again… so I ended up paying $36.93 for labels. Completely ridiculous!

Also I think you all need to see what our dining room table looks like… it is packed full of wedding stuff! This is what brides have to look forward to. Wedding stuff ends up taking over your entire house. We have stuff EVERYWHERE!image

This is up under the big flat box! My aunt found all of these while out at yard sales. I am hoping she can find me 3 more boxes just like these so we can use these as drinking glasses at the wedding and people can just take them home with them. True southern style!image



Here are my wedding shoes. Ryan bought them for me two years ago not knowing the reason I liked them is because I wanted to wear them at my wedding. They have never been on any flooring other than inside our house! I cannot WAIT to finally wear these things! image



The first picture is the one I took in the mall to send to Ryan. The second one I took just a few hours ago. I plan on pairing them with my dress next week for the first time!! 🙂

I said in a previous post about our monogram southern guestbook… well here it is. All we have to do is paint it and distress it a little. image


I couldn’t be happier with it. I think it is going to look great at our wedding and even better hanging in our home for the rest of our lives.

Well it’s Friday night and most women my age would be out and about but I am all snuggled up on the couch watching TV with my sweet Georgia pup. Ryan is working all weekend, I normally don’t do a whole lot while he’s gone. I also usually stay up late so I can snuggle and nap with him when he comes home in the morning. Nights like these make me miss living at home with my parents… but one day he will have a 9-5 day job and all of this will have been well worth it! I have been doing productive stuff tonight though; I am washing clothes and I have made a spreadsheet of our wedding budget to keep everything on track.image


I have my quoted prices from my wedding planner, what we actually paid, and the difference. I also made a section to list what we paid and when, and a section to keep up with exactly what Ryan and I have paid for and the amounts. I just want us to know what all we have spent and where it has gone. I really wish we could buy everything we need within my budget… but I am already over not including what Ryan and I have paid for! Oh well… this only happens right?

Only 272 more days until I can call myself Mrs. Green. It honestly cannot come soon enough. I cannot wait to be married to my best friend in the entire world. He loves me at my worst and adores me at my silliest. He makes me smile like no else has ever been able to and giggle like a child all the time. I always feel like the luckiest woman in the world to be worthy of his unwavering love for me.  Our wedding day is going to be magical and I know it will end up being everything I have dreamed of, simply because I am marrying a man better than my mind could have ever imagined.


I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way…

recently Ryan and I designed our Save the Dates on Vistaprint, it’s about that time to be sending them out and especially for us since we have so many people traveling very long distances. We have looked at a ton of Save the Dates online and in shops; we both decided that we wanted magnets because we think people will be more apt to hang onto them versus a paper Save the Date. Vistaprint has the BEST prices, we got 100 Save the Date magnets with envelopes for under $100; we received them last Friday and it was so exciting opening them!!! I just wish they had invites that I liked too so I could get some invitations for a good price too! I have ordered Invitations, I found them on Etsy and will hopefully be doing something really cool with them… so I’ll have to get started on that soon! After I send out our Save the Dates I will post a picture for y’all to see. They turned out really well, we love them!!

Of course it will be a while before I post a picture of our invitations especially since I haven’t even gotten a proof back and certainly haven’t had them printed yet! But I am hoping that they turn out wonderful and I will post a picture of the finished product!

Ryan and I were really debating on what we were going to do for a Guestbook…. and I know I posted about this decision in a previous post. I decided on getting the monogram. It is so southern, sweet, and will look great hanging in our house for years and years to come. We went and picked it up from UPS today and it looks perfect! Now all we have to do is paint it and make sure it doesn’t get messed up or broken before the wedding. We can officially check that off of our wedding list!


Sorry it has taken so long to post and for no posts over the weekend. My birthday was the 8th, Ryan and I spent the weekend with my parents at Sunset Beach, NC and basically did a bunch of nothing. It was fabulous! It was my last free weekend with Ryan before I start back school and it couldn’t have been better. Not really ready for fall semester to start; the 19th is coming WAYYYYY too fast! Hopefully this will be a quick semester!

this may not be wedding related but as an owner of 3 sweet fur-babies this is close to my heart.

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the thrill of marriage is the thrill of loving someone for the rest of your life

Friday was a wonderful day full of wedding excitement. I got once of the best text messages that I have gotten in a long time! I received a text message from my wedding planner saying that my wedding dress had come in!!! I was aver the moon excited! I have been waiting since April for my dress to come in. It was literally the FIRST thing in this wedding other than decide on a date. It is the dress of my dreams and looks so amazing on me and I couldn’t be happier. I would post a picture of the dress but I really want to  keep it a secret for most of the people coming to our wedding and I refuse to let Ryan see me in it until our wedding day. He has already seen pictures of the dress, but that is nothing compared to it being on me (which I know he is going to love).

I wish I were getting married tomorrow so I could put that dress on again. being back in it was the best feeling, it made it so easy to visualize our wedding day and how perfect I know it is going to be. Only 285 more days to wait, and you know I’ll keep you posted on what new happens!

One day we will all learn that we just cannot please everyone….

This past Saturday my sweet fiancé and I met all of my bridesmaids at Coastal Bridal LLC in Myrtle Beach, SC to try on the dress I picked. Ryan did not stay in the shop with us, him and a bridesmaids boyfriend hung out while we shopped. I thought the dress looked really well on everyone; it was very versatile, flowy, and figure flattering. Or this was what I and 80% of my bridesmaids thought; obviously that is not completely true. My dear MOH hated the dress, let me repeat she HATED the dress. Not only did she hate the dress but she wanted to order the dress in grey (if she ordered it at all) while all of the other girls would be in pretty pastels…. Ok. So she suggested trying and finding a dress that she liked in the same fabric; I am fine with that and wish her luck in her search as I will be unable to be of much help after August 19th. I knew that when we all went dress shopping that a decision had to be made that day and that the chance of getting all of us together again would be very slim until after the first of the year.

Looking back I wish I would have done as my friend Jessica did for her bridesmaids (I was included) when she got married, she had the dress and color picked out for us when we went to try them on. There was no other choice, I either bought it or wasn’t in her wedding. I, personally, didn’t think the dress looked the best on me; it was not something I would have picked out for myself. The dress turned out looking fine, her wedding pictures were gorgeous, and she was happy with the end result which is really all that mattered to begin with. I hope my MOH will come around, I am just not going to argue over a dress nor am I going to compromise what the vision is for my wedding. Needless to say it was stressful to the MAXXX and I am so glad that I will never have to orchestrate that again!

Ryan and I met with our wedding planner last night to talk details and get some ideas on what needs to be done next, and to tell her about the dress fiasco over the weekend. We are going to talk to florists within the next two weeks so we can get prices and compare. She has a florist in mind as do I and I want to be able to choose the one who will fit the best in the budget and will deliver what it is I am wanting in my ceremony and reception flowers. I am also trying to patiently wait for my dress to come in so I can schedule bridal portraits with our photographer. It seems like we have so much to do and so little time.


We are ordering our save the dates next week and sending them out ASAP. We are still undecided about invitations, I am just at a point that I am going to pick some and go with it. Probably not, but it was a good idea! I am ready to see Ryan and Wes in some of the ideas we have on what the men are going to wear. I am just so ready to see all of my hard work and pinterest addiction to all come together and start falling into place. We have so much left to do, but thank goodness I have a wonderful fiancé who may not like to do these wedding things but always attempts to help when I ask and he does come equipped with ideas of his own! I am very ready to marry this man of mine and put all of the stress of wedding planning behind us. Only 288 more days!!