One day we will all learn that we just cannot please everyone….

This past Saturday my sweet fiancé and I met all of my bridesmaids at Coastal Bridal LLC in Myrtle Beach, SC to try on the dress I picked. Ryan did not stay in the shop with us, him and a bridesmaids boyfriend hung out while we shopped. I thought the dress looked really well on everyone; it was very versatile, flowy, and figure flattering. Or this was what I and 80% of my bridesmaids thought; obviously that is not completely true. My dear MOH hated the dress, let me repeat she HATED the dress. Not only did she hate the dress but she wanted to order the dress in grey (if she ordered it at all) while all of the other girls would be in pretty pastels…. Ok. So she suggested trying and finding a dress that she liked in the same fabric; I am fine with that and wish her luck in her search as I will be unable to be of much help after August 19th. I knew that when we all went dress shopping that a decision had to be made that day and that the chance of getting all of us together again would be very slim until after the first of the year.

Looking back I wish I would have done as my friend Jessica did for her bridesmaids (I was included) when she got married, she had the dress and color picked out for us when we went to try them on. There was no other choice, I either bought it or wasn’t in her wedding. I, personally, didn’t think the dress looked the best on me; it was not something I would have picked out for myself. The dress turned out looking fine, her wedding pictures were gorgeous, and she was happy with the end result which is really all that mattered to begin with. I hope my MOH will come around, I am just not going to argue over a dress nor am I going to compromise what the vision is for my wedding. Needless to say it was stressful to the MAXXX and I am so glad that I will never have to orchestrate that again!

Ryan and I met with our wedding planner last night to talk details and get some ideas on what needs to be done next, and to tell her about the dress fiasco over the weekend. We are going to talk to florists within the next two weeks so we can get prices and compare. She has a florist in mind as do I and I want to be able to choose the one who will fit the best in the budget and will deliver what it is I am wanting in my ceremony and reception flowers. I am also trying to patiently wait for my dress to come in so I can schedule bridal portraits with our photographer. It seems like we have so much to do and so little time.


We are ordering our save the dates next week and sending them out ASAP. We are still undecided about invitations, I am just at a point that I am going to pick some and go with it. Probably not, but it was a good idea! I am ready to see Ryan and Wes in some of the ideas we have on what the men are going to wear. I am just so ready to see all of my hard work and pinterest addiction to all come together and start falling into place. We have so much left to do, but thank goodness I have a wonderful fiancé who may not like to do these wedding things but always attempts to help when I ask and he does come equipped with ideas of his own! I am very ready to marry this man of mine and put all of the stress of wedding planning behind us. Only 288 more days!!


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