the thrill of marriage is the thrill of loving someone for the rest of your life

Friday was a wonderful day full of wedding excitement. I got once of the best text messages that I have gotten in a long time! I received a text message from my wedding planner saying that my wedding dress had come in!!! I was aver the moon excited! I have been waiting since April for my dress to come in. It was literally the FIRST thing in this wedding other than decide on a date. It is the dress of my dreams and looks so amazing on me and I couldn’t be happier. I would post a picture of the dress but I really want to  keep it a secret for most of the people coming to our wedding and I refuse to let Ryan see me in it until our wedding day. He has already seen pictures of the dress, but that is nothing compared to it being on me (which I know he is going to love).

I wish I were getting married tomorrow so I could put that dress on again. being back in it was the best feeling, it made it so easy to visualize our wedding day and how perfect I know it is going to be. Only 285 more days to wait, and you know I’ll keep you posted on what new happens!


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