I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way…

recently Ryan and I designed our Save the Dates on Vistaprint, it’s about that time to be sending them out and especially for us since we have so many people traveling very long distances. We have looked at a ton of Save the Dates online and in shops; we both decided that we wanted magnets because we think people will be more apt to hang onto them versus a paper Save the Date. Vistaprint has the BEST prices, we got 100 Save the Date magnets with envelopes for under $100; we received them last Friday and it was so exciting opening them!!! I just wish they had invites that I liked too so I could get some invitations for a good price too! I have ordered Invitations, I found them on Etsy and will hopefully be doing something really cool with them… so I’ll have to get started on that soon! After I send out our Save the Dates I will post a picture for y’all to see. They turned out really well, we love them!!

Of course it will be a while before I post a picture of our invitations especially since I haven’t even gotten a proof back and certainly haven’t had them printed yet! But I am hoping that they turn out wonderful and I will post a picture of the finished product!

Ryan and I were really debating on what we were going to do for a Guestbook…. and I know I posted about this decision in a previous post. I decided on getting the monogram. It is so southern, sweet, and will look great hanging in our house for years and years to come. We went and picked it up from UPS today and it looks perfect! Now all we have to do is paint it and make sure it doesn’t get messed up or broken before the wedding. We can officially check that off of our wedding list!


Sorry it has taken so long to post and for no posts over the weekend. My birthday was the 8th, Ryan and I spent the weekend with my parents at Sunset Beach, NC and basically did a bunch of nothing. It was fabulous! It was my last free weekend with Ryan before I start back school and it couldn’t have been better. Not really ready for fall semester to start; the 19th is coming WAYYYYY too fast! Hopefully this will be a quick semester!


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