there is no greater risk than matrimony. but there is nothing happier than a happy marriage.

life has been rather hectic lately with school starting, work, and Ryan and I trying to find time for each other in the middle of all that. We haven’t had a lot of time to work on wedding stuff, but we have been trying. We did get our label paper in the mail on Friday and our stamps came in on Wednesday, so we spend our Saturday finishing our Save the Dates and getting them ready to be mailed.  I ended up giving my co-workers theirs on their desks and we hand delivered 3 more. I will post a picture after I feel sure everyone has gotten them. The only Save the Date that I didn’t send out goes to one of my friends overseas.

We have decided that we 100% want the farm tables and are gonna do whatever we have to in order to cover the costs. We have also found a DJ for a very good price, let’s just pray that he is decent. That’s really all that matters!

We have also found the perfect bow ties for Ryan and his groomsmen. The first bow tie I found that I really liked only went up to a neck size of 18′”. So Ryan and I measured his and it was exactly 18″. I was worried about it being to small so I went on the hunt for some other options. I looked on Etsy (which by the way, they have EVERYTHING on there!) and found the PERFECT bow ties and they go up to a neck size of like 24″… which is way more than Ryan or any of his groomsmen need but at least they will not be too tight, and that makes me feel better.

I’m gonna call it a night, it’s 0044 EST and I have to get up at 0630 to be at work so Ryan can pick up some spare clothes from me. He is working tonight and has ACLS re-certification all day tomorrow. I predict that he is going to one ill thing tomorrow when I get home!!! Y’all have a good night and I will post again soon!!!


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