sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye

a week ago I finally got my bridal pictures back and I wish I could show them to the world… but my future hubby reads my blog daily, and we can’t spoil the surprise!! We are still hard at work on this wedding and hope to finally book a caterer before the end of November because I am vowing to not do anything wedding related in December. I just need some time to not focus on this wedding and just focus on Ryan, our relationship, our family, and friends. That means we only have a little over 5 months left to plan since I’m taking a month off!

I’m sure these next 6 months are going to fly by. I have so much to look forward to in May and I could not be any happier for it all to come. I am extremely lucky and beyond excited to become Mrs. Green. That day could not come any faster.


this week has been one of my busiest…

I have been extremely busy all week and I am glad to have a day of semi-rest! My soon to be sister and brother-in-law came down from Indianapolis for the weekend. Amanda (Ryan’s sister) and his mother were a HUGE help to me for my bridal shots. I’m not sure that mt photographer and I could have done it on our own. I am very thankful that they were able to come with me!

Last night the four of us went to dinner with Ryan’s parents; it’s the only time we have all been together all weekend. Afterwards Ryan, Wes, Amanda and I all went to the Fear Factory in Aberdeen, NC. It was $20 a piece to get in and the line was outrageous! Thankfully April and Brittany were in line almost at the door, so we went with them. The trail was good, but we found out when we were done that the trail was cut short due to there being so many people waiting in line. We were all pissed, and told everyone in line that they were going to be cut short too and we tried to get some of our money back… and of course we didn’t. It was still messed up.

Overall, the weekend was good and I am not ready to get back to work or school this week 😦

Goodnight from North Carolina!!

everything always seems to work out…

I took my bridal portraits today, and everything worked out perfectly! It wasn’t the prettiest day out but it did not rain and that was all I needed! I wish I could share them, but my wonderful fiancé reads my blog and I really don’t want him to see my dress and especially not me in my dress!!! I can however show you this ring shot 🙂 It reflects the look of my bridals image

I swear my photographer is a miracle worker! She is just amazing.

After my bridals Ryan, his sister Amanda, brother-in-law Wes, and I all went to the fair. I was still in full makeup and hair! I just had to share the picture and let everyone know that despite the bad weather for our original day, everything worked out perfectly 🙂


if it wasn’t for bad luck… I wouldn’t have any

so I did in fact have to cancel and reschedule my bridal portraits. I have yet to decide on what I am going to do. today was a gloomy and depressing day. It rained all day, it was very cold, very windy, and all around a sad day. My honey had to sleep all day and we slept the afternoon away. It’s back to work and school tomorrow and we’ll see what I can do about these pictures! hopefully this week will end better than it has started!

beware the bareness of a busy life

I have been extremely busy lately and have completely neglected my blog. My deepest apologies, but I am back! Ryan and I are both swamped with work, school, and having to attend the local high school football games on Friday nights. We haven’t gotten a lot done as far as the wedding goes. But we have had quite a few appointments lately, so hopefully this means we can get a little more done and have more deposits put down.

Ryan found us a DJ and we met with him on Monday. He seemed to be very nice and had all of his material together so we booked him and paid our deposit. We had an appointment with a florist on 9/25 and it went really well. I need to get back with him though on some different ideas. We are thinking that the flowers will take up a bigger portion of our budget than we have allotted so we are trying to cut some costs where we can.

The biggest place we can cut is in the linens. Since we are renting some beautiful tables be are just going to use table runners. That alone cuts the budget down! But the place we are renting our tables and chairs from rent out burlap and lace table runners; burlap for $12 a table and lace for $7 a table. We know we can get a 100 yd roll I burlap for about $65 which is less than half of what it would be to rent them, and we are going to try to find lace the same way so we can put some more money towards flowers and the tables. I am still looking around for a large roll of lace… so let me know if you find anything!!! 😉

We have also thought about hiring someone we know to cook for us instead of hiring a caterer. If we were to do this we could possibly save $1,000, which would be great but I’m not sure how exactly that is going to work out, so I will keep you updated.