this week has been one of my busiest…

I have been extremely busy all week and I am glad to have a day of semi-rest! My soon to be sister and brother-in-law came down from Indianapolis for the weekend. Amanda (Ryan’s sister) and his mother were a HUGE help to me for my bridal shots. I’m not sure that mt photographer and I could have done it on our own. I am very thankful that they were able to come with me!

Last night the four of us went to dinner with Ryan’s parents; it’s the only time we have all been together all weekend. Afterwards Ryan, Wes, Amanda and I all went to the Fear Factory in Aberdeen, NC. It was $20 a piece to get in and the line was outrageous! Thankfully April and Brittany were in line almost at the door, so we went with them. The trail was good, but we found out when we were done that the trail was cut short due to there being so many people waiting in line. We were all pissed, and told everyone in line that they were going to be cut short too and we tried to get some of our money back… and of course we didn’t. It was still messed up.

Overall, the weekend was good and I am not ready to get back to work or school this week 😦

Goodnight from North Carolina!!


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