The more alternatives, the more difficult the choice.

due to many things, Ryan and I have not been able to get anything done for the wedding other than headaches! A friend of my family is throwing me a Christmas shower on the 7th I believe. I have been working on helping her get things together for that.


On 11/15 Ryan, our wedding planner Melissa, and I did go down to Conway, SC for a taste test with a caterer. We went to a restaurant called Dilly Beans; Ryan and I came across it months ago while we were down in Conway exploring the area for hotels, possible places for the rehearsal dinner, and caterers! We all went to this taste test and let me tell you…. all of the food was wonderful!! We tried shrimp n’ grits, mac n’ cheese, pork loin with mashed potatoes and gravy, pot roast, and BBQ (pulled pork). The shrimp n’ grits were PHENOMENAL! I swear I could eat them every day. All of the food was outstanding and I would highly recommend anyone to stop by and eat there.

Anyway, after leaving there we went to my florists shop to speak with his partner who is a caterer. We have a budget and we are desperately trying to stick to it so we can get EVERYTHING we (by we I really mean I haha) want.

So speaking of Dilly Beans, I got a quote from them today and the price tag was outrageous. Not I know that food is one of the most expensive parts of a wedding and it is my largest budget too, but I do feel like there needs to be a limit, like what is too much? Anyway, the quote was for $3953.25; breakdown of $21 per person, $330.75 for taxes, and $472.50 for gratuity. If I had a budget of $15 or even $30 thousand, I might would pay that. With a budget of only $10 thousand (which is a lot of money, but when planning a wedding it goes fast) I cannot spend almost half of my budget on food. So I am not really sure what Ryan and I are going to do. I guess we will keep looking or try to negotiate price. Who knows.

I have also made more changes… but it is too late to go into all that right now. Until next time… goodnight from NC!