this one is all about me.

I am not one to brag. I used to in my younger days and some probably think I still do, but my lifestyle now is much different than it was when I lived at home with my parents. Anyway… my name is Jordan, I am 26 years old- 27 in August, and I am from a small town in southeast North Carolina. I am only hours from many large cities; 45 minutes west of Wilmington, 45 minutes north of Myrtle Beach SC, and 2 hours from our capital of Raleigh. I am a beach baby, I could lay and bake in the sun every day (when the weather permits)! I am an only child and I have some awesome parents. They both are 100% supportive of me and the things I choose for my life, and have worked extremely hard to mold me into the person I am. My mom is a nurse but has been working in IT (information technology) since 2007, and she loves it. My dad is a blue collar worker, he is a corrections officer at the prison camp in my hometown.

I have an associates degree in Fine Arts… and that one has gotten me far in life! (yea right.) I am currently working on (and will finish in May) my associates in Computer Information Technology. Although I have dipped my toes in MANY fields. I was at one point a Chemistry major, and almost had a Bachelors in that… but I got bored. I was also almost through the LPN program at Southeastern Community College in Whiteville. But I quickly learned that it was not for me. I am a certified nursing assistant and have been working at Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Lumberton since 2010, that’s where my mother currently works and where my maternal grandmother and aunt worked. I have been working in the physician practice division of IT for the last two years and will hopefully be getting a new job, and a FULL TIME job in IT soon!!!

I met Ryan at SRMC only two months after starting there. I was called in to sit with a suicidal patient one night and he was my patients’ CNA. At the time he was in Respiratory Therapy school and working at night. He ended up inviting me to breakfast (he will tell you he invited me TWICE) and I declined. Not because I didn’t know him or didn’t want to go, but I had prior engagements. He ended up looking me up on facebook and gave me his number only days later. After two weeks of us hanging out and getting to know one another, he told his mother that he was going to marry me someday… and I guess he was right.

Together, Ryan and I have two precious little pups and two cats. We have a Black Labrador named Georgia, she is a year and 5 months old and we have a 6 month old Rottweiler named Ace. One of our cats, Tubbs, I brought with me when we moved in together and little Buttons, Ryan brought home one day. We now also have his 5 year old Rottweiler Dixie, she is our outside guard dog. you can say we have an animal farm… I feel like we do anyway!

Ace & GGAceGG



I’m not quite sure what else to tell about me, but if there is anything you would like to know, don’t hesitate to ask!!


Goodnight from North Carolina!!


as time winds down, stress winds up.

For any of you who know me… I am very easily stressed. But today, my stress is at an all time high. I just received a phone call from one of my bridesmaids saying that my venue was being shut down. Here it is, 49 days before my wedding and I really don’t have to time or patience to find another venue. After all, this one is PERFECT. I am a little on the selfish side too… I don’t want to get married anywhere else! Of course I had to investigate; I did already send out invitations, my rehearsal dinner venue is right around the corner and already paid for, my caterer is down there, Ryan has already booked a hotel room in Conway, and so have my parents. So I called the woman whom we paid for the venue and she directed me to another woman. She called me about within a minute of me leaving her a message, she said they were supposed to have an inspection on Wednesday and she would call me by the end of next week.

I know I need to keep a positive attitude but it is hard when everything depends on this venue. I don’t know what I would do if I was 2 weeks away from getting married and had no venue. I would really flip and cry…. a lot!! I am literally going to pray for the next week that all is fine or will be fixed before my wedding day.

I also found out today that I messed up one of my bridesmaids gifts… so I had to buy another one. I did find cellophane bags for our favors, twist ties, and am in the process of designing custom favor stickers. Along with creating a website on the Lumber River for my WEB-110 class, two spreadsheets for my CTS-230 class, hands on projects and case studies for SEC-110, and so much homework for my hardware class. I also want to try to paint my doors for the wedding and rough them up and stain one of my pallets. On Monday, my friend Stephen brought me two white doors and two pallets for me to use in the wedding. He is so awesome, I told him what I was looking for and he delivered!!

All I want to do is sleep. I would love to shut down for a few days to rest and gather my energy back; everything has been so worn out an stressed lately. I am busy at work, and will be for quite some time. Hopefully I will be getting a new job in the near future (**fingers crossed**), I would be overjoyed! It would be a lot more work than what I do now… but it would be so worth it! I haven’t told you all about me yet. I’ll have to dedicate a post to giving you a little more insight on my life.

Oh well, it’s 1204 here in North Carolina and this girl is worn out! Goodnight Y’all, until next time!

The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.

Over the last few weeks, I have managed to get so much wedding stuff done.


two weekends ago Ryan had all of his groomsmen and my dad go to get fitted for suits. I was told to tag along so I could make sure the men’s bow ties matched the girls dress they are walking with. One of his groomsmen, Zak, spent the day with us… and I put those men to work!


First we stuffed and mailed all of our invitations. Ryan, Zak, and I stuffed and stamped our invitations, while later Ryan’s mom and I put all the labels on them. image


l put the men to work painting one of our many many wedding projects.


as if that wasn’t bad enough… I made them go door shopping with me! We did not leave empty handed either. We walked about with the awesome old door that we are hoping to use for our altar. We now only need two more!! Anyway here is our amazing $21 door purchase!image


it’s old, dirty, and not pretty… which makes it PERFECT!


We also ended up not having enough invitations. I only had 90 printed… and we needed 120 :/ We ended up having to print some on our own simply because we did not have any time to send anymore back to the print shop. I am not very satisfied with how they turned out… but I honestly doubt anyone really cares except me. And me being the control freak I am… I am still not happy about the situation. Oh well… They are sent out and there is nothing to do now! We ended up with a box full!!image


To date we have gotten 15 RSVP’s… majority of them with no name! If I had to re-do this whole invitation thing, I would have written names on the RSVP’s before sending them out. Live and learn I guess. In my mistakes I hope to be able to help all my friends when the start the planning process! But it is so nice getting those postcards in the mail!!! It’s like getting confirmation that our day is fast approaching!!!image


We did make sure that our RSVP had a spot for a song request since we aren’t allowing it at the wedding. We want everyone to have a great time and dance like the night is never going to end!!


We have so many little details to work out and it seems like we will never get them all done in time! I did order my LAST bridesmaid gift today and I only have garters left to get. Ryan has ordered one of his groomsmen’s gifts and I think he has something else in mind. We still have to find our flower girls some dresses, find a ring bearer pillow or boxes, to find bags and stickers for the favors, and to figure out what we are doing for our unity ceremony. I want to do the God’s knot, but Ryan doesn’t really want to but doesn’t have any other ideas… which means we’ll do it.

The God’s Knot is also referred to as the Cord of Three Strands.

“Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.”

Ecclesiastes 4:12

You can learn a little more about it here if you like! (click here) We were between that and a tree (plant) planting ceremony… but I have the thumb of death :/ and since this is supposed to represent our relationship, we wanted something we didn’t have to keep alive! I found a shop on Etsy where we can pick our own three colors for our cords. Here’s a picture to give you a better idea. image


One color represents the Bride, one the Groom, and the middle cord represents God. I think even though Ryan and I aren’t super religious right now, we will eventually be. And again we both know that God is an important factor in our individual lives and will be in our marriage. I think we will be happy with this choice later. We plan on putting wedding things in a shadow box, this will be a great addition.

By the next time I write I hope to have much more done!! We only have 58 more days to go!! I am getting more and more excited 🙂


Goodnight from North Carolina!!! ❤