good news is rare these days, and every glittering ounce of it should be cherished

Have you ever had a secret so exciting that you just want to run and tell everyone but you know you can’t?? That has been me for the last 6 weeks. I have had to catch myself so I don’t blurt it out to the world! After many weeks of having to keep quiet and ready to burst at the seams, I am finally ready to tell our secret!

Ryan and I are expecting our first baby!!!!!! We are over the moon excited and cannot wait for this journey in our lives. We had our first ultrasound yesterday and we were really wanting to wait until after the wedding, but that is just WAYYYY too long to wait! We are 8 weeks along and our little bundle of joy is due December 5th, 2014. Our closest friends and family have known since we have and have done excellent with keeping our secret, but so many were glad that they could tell people too! So as if I am not stressed enough with this wedding alone, I have finals starting this week and having to control my stress for the baby.

I am glad to finally be able to let y’all know and to share this new journey with you. Though I will save all the details for after the wedding!!! Here’s the first picture of out little pecan!



find joy in the journey

After many calls and times of wanting to pull my hair out we have another venue. It is not only booked but paid in full. I am looking forward to all of this being over and done with. I am excited about getting married and committing myself to Ryan for the rest of my life… but this road has been very very bumpy. I feel sorry for the brides before me that had less time than me to find another venue.  I am not sure what I would have done if I had less than 30 days!

We ended up going with Bucksville Hall in Conway, SC. I think everything is going to turn out wonderfully. Maybe not exactly how I had envisioned, but it will all work out and I think it will be beautiful. I sent out post cards to our guests informing them of the venue change. I included a map, the venue’s address, and my wedding planners number to call if they get lost. I made them myself… or else they could have never been ready in time to actually reach our guests. I think they turned out okay, not how I would like… but I never claimed to have mad artistic skills.


On a brighter note, I am 24 days away from marrying the man of my dreams and the reality is setting in! We are working on getting our final head counts, final payments, finalizing music, and wedding day time line. It is becoming real that I will soon be someones wife! Not only that but I only have 20 days left until I am officially graduated and DONE with school! I am looking forward to getting into a new job position and that equals more money for Ryan and I… since I make next to nothing!! But, you have to start somewhere! We are looking forward to married life and hopefully buying our first house after the first of next year. A lot of big things are coming our way and we couldn’t be more excited!

I need to get back to some class work, until next time!

the verdict is in…

and we are officially out of a venue. I am not quite sure what I am going to do yet. It depends on what Ryan’s thoughts are and if he wants to go and visit any other places. But we have to make a decision soon or else we run the risk of everything being booked and us being completely left in the cold. Only time will tell… but at least now we have an answer and know where we stand.

its not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it.

As much as I am trying not to stress… it is very hard. I never got a call from my venue, I also called them on Monday and was told that they would let me know when they knew. Not very comforting with only 38 days left.

Ryan and I went to check out a venue over the weekend; it’s called Bucksville Hall and it is about 15 miles outside of downtown Conway, SC. Here are some pictures that are on facebook

3593_380049678780249_1078995312_n 1796737_513948875390328_433163261_o 1911988_535763789875503_822229441_o

Pictures don’t really do it justice… it is a gorgeous place. In some ways I wish we would have found it first. But I am getting very antsy because Bucksville Hall is open on our day, but will it for long? I feel the longer I wait the less my chances are. All this stress is wearing me out.  So Ryan and I are going to look at another venue this weekend or next week. It’s the Farmers Market in Conway, SC. It is very conveniently RIGHT BEHIND our rehearsal dinner space! The space is really cool… but I’m not sure if it’s what I want.

I have to try on my dress again sometime in the next 10 days  so in case I need to lose a pound or two… I can handle it. I had hoped that all Ryan and I would have to do at this point would be all the little details. I would have NEVER guessed that we would be looking for venues again so close to our day. It took us MONTHS to find out venue and now we may have to do it again in less than 30 days. My stress level is slowly rising.

On top of all of this I am trying to stay afloat in all my classes. I have to pass everything or I will not graduate and that IS NOT an option!!! I am just at my wits end with some of this stuff!! I know it will all work out, but I wish if things were going to fall apart, it would have happened earlier so I wouldn’t be under such a crunch!

Oh well, I need to get to bed. Work comes early for this girl! Goodnight from North Carolina!