if you want a thing done well, do it yourself

as time is winding down, Ryan and I have final details, final small DIY projects, and many many mason jars left to wash. I am at the point that I have to decide if I want a bustle on my dress, if so I have one final fitting left to do. I went to tried on my dress last week just to make sure it still fit and it still fits like a dream! I also have to decide if I want to wear my mothers veil and see if it can be cleaned and altered in time for the wedding. I would LOVE to wear it… I just hope it can all be done in time.

We are also waiting on a few important things to come in the mail and I am PRAYING will be here on time.  I hope everything will work out like we want. I have been working on one of our DIY projects today and finally have finished and have one coat of sealer on it. I used a pallet to make a sign for our guests, we want our guests to feel like family and not like they need to pick a side. I think it turned out good, I am very happy with it! It’s a little shiny, only because it has wet polycrylic on it in this picture. The polycrylic will help seal these vinyl decals to wood so they will not come off!! I think it looks good, maybe not pinterest good, but amateur wanna be pinterest good!

2014-05-02 22.43.49

We have another pallet that I am actually going to paint on and it will serve as a sign to direct our guests. Our wedding venue is literally in the middle of no where. GPS will take you exactly to our venue, but the long way. A short dirt road will get you there much quicker and I will try to help them out as much as possible!! I will get started on it tomorrow and post a picture when I am done.

We are getting excited that we are getting so close to the big day! I am just ready to call my wonderful man of 4 years, my husband. And we are praying that everything will go just as it is suppose to.

Goodnight from North Carolina!!


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