it feels like the night before going to Disney as a kid– too excited to sleep.

I am  desperately trying to sleep and it is not working!! I have so much going through my head and my brain won’t seem to shut off. I have to sleep without Ryan and trust me…. it’s killing me. I can’t get comfortable, is too hot, I am itchy, sciatic nerve pain thanks to baby G, and the list goes on.

Our rehearsal went nicely; dinner was amazing and Ryans’ grooms cake was perfect. He is a 49ers fan soi knew that’s what I wanted to do, but I also wanted to include our puppies. They are our children and we love them as such… those two are just a big part of our lives. I think it turned out AMAZING and it tadded just as good .


I will go into more detail when I am at the computer! I guess I will try to get some sleep… I have a long day ahead of me!!!


Goodnight from… South Carolina, for tonight 🙂


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